100 Trees Planted!!

A milestone for Attempting Less that I want to shout from the rooftops!!

As of July 2021, Attempting Less has planted 100 trees with One Tree Planted! Take a look at the picture for this blog post to really take in how many trees have actually been planted. 

This was all made possible by the support from all of my customers. Without your support, these trees would not be planted right now. For every order placed, I plant one tree....EVERY.ORDER.

So if you place a one-time order, re-up your laundry detergent supply with me, or recently subscribed to our "Swap of the Month" - 1 tree will be planted for every order, every time. 

If you are on my email list, you received a code to get a FREE printable today - congrats! I wanted to pledge 10 trees to speed up getting to that next 100 trees. So for the first 10 orders that come through for my FREE printables, I will plant 10 trees. Let's get to that next 100 ASAP!

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To stay up to date on how many trees I've planted through Attempting Less, visit our One Tree Planted page to see an updated count. As of today, 105 trees have been planted - grab your printable now so we can get to 115!

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