157 days left until Christmas...

Last year I tried my best to use either reusable wrapping supplies or recycled materials (like newspaper or shipping brown paper) for wrapping my Christmas presents. But I'll admit it, I bought a roll or two of disposable wrapping paper. 

I watched my toddler tear apart the paper in sheer enjoyment and then watched as my husband and I filled up a trash bags worth of wrapping paper. It was in that moment that I realized I just spent money to get frustrated while wrapping gifts (I'm terrible at wrapping and also curse the activity every year) and then to just throw that right in the trash.  

This year I am making it my mission to not purchase one single roll of wrapping paper! I have so many disposable gift bags I've saved (who throws those gold mines out!?), reusable gift bags, and around Christmas I'll start saving some newspaper. 

I'd love to add some Furoshiki style wrapping cloth to my collection of gift wrapping supplies. It's on my to-do list! If you know of any small businesses or makers who supply these wrapping supplies, please leave me a comment below so I can check them out!

Another way I will be reducing my waste this Christmas is by utilizing my Reusable, Chalkboard, Christmas Gift Tags instead of the typical disposable sticker tags. If I'm wrapping with newspaper or brown shipping paper, I love the fact that it gives the gifts an elevated look. 

How do you wrap your gifts? Are you looking to make this simple swap in your life on your journey to a low waste lifestyle?

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