2 Ways to Cut Out Plastic from Your Dishwashing Routine

Okay, okay I know most lists are 5, 10, or more ways to do something BUT this blog article is written for Attempting Less. Where its encouraged to take the journey to a low waste lifestyle at a slow and manageable pace. 

So, I am going to give you just two ways you can cut plastic out of your dishwashing routine. Two ways seem much more attainable than 5 or 10. Because, let's be honest, who has time to add that many items to your to-do list?

NUMBER ONE: Cut out the dish liquid that comes in a plastic bottle and try out the Dish Block Soap. This block sits on your counter top and, with a little water, suds up and cleans just like your regular dish soap. It's also fragrance-free. I never really understood why anyone would want their dishes smelling like flowers. I want to enjoy my food without the leftover fragrance from my dish soap. 

NUMBER TWO: Switch out your plastic cleaning tools for bamboo ones. Sponges, scrubbers, and brushes are typically made out of plastic and once they have seen better days, they end up in the landfill. Bamboo cleaning tools are completely compostable so you can feel good about tossing them in your compost bin and purchasing a new one. 

Easy enough right? I'm even going to stop this blog post here because I know you have more things on your list than to sit here and read a lengthy blog post. 

Two, totally doable swaps you can make to your dishwashing routine. Ready to make the swap?


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