5 Pros & Cons of Dryer Balls vs Dryer Sheets

1. Reusable vs Single Use

Wool dryer balls are made to last for 1,000+ uses. If you dryer one load of laundry every day, that's almost THREE YEARS worth of laundry. 

Dryer Sheets are made to be single use and disposable. Use them once and then they head straight for the landfill. 

2. Made from sheep's wool vs Made from synthetic polyester 

There's just one material used to make wool dryer balls. Did you guess it? WOOL! These dryer balls are made with wool sourced from the United States from sheep who are humanly raised. 

Most dryer sheets are made out of some form of plastic! That means they are heading straight to the landfill. 

3. All-Natural vs Contains chemicals & added fragrance

Wool dryer balls are all natural and great for people with sensitive skin or for using with baby's clothes. 

Have you ever checked the ingredients label of dryer sheets? Either there isn't one OR there's a list of ingredients you can't even pronounce.

4. Reduces drying time vs Leaves a film in your dryer affecting performance

Wool dryer balls can actually REDUCE drying time by absorbing moisture and creating better air circulation between clothes while drying. 

Dryer sheets are known to leave a film in your dryer which in turn can effect the effectiveness of your dryer. AND imagine that same film is on the clothes you wear every day!

5. Compostable vs Can take years to breakdown in a landfill

Once dryer balls are ready to be replaced, you can either leave them outside for birds to use as a nest builder or put in your compost bin. 

Those dryer sheets will be sitting in a landfill for years before they can break down. 

What pro & con lead you to make the switch?

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