I've had trouble writing descriptions or talking about my subscription box because I don't actually send my subscriptions out in a box. 

Currently, my "Swap of the Month" subscribers receive their packages in a bubble mailer. I do this for a couple of reasons:

1. I am trying to reduce the weight and dimensions of the package to keep costs down so I can offer this monthly service to you at the current low price of $29.99 WITH Free Shipping. 

2. Also, I'm trying to reduce my footprint when shipping these packages out. I will choose the smallest mailer possible to send you your products. Often, the items are small and wouldn't take up much space in a box. I would then have to fill the box with filling and I just think that is a waste!

However, I do understand that receiving a box in the mail is like opening a gift on your birthday or Christmas. It feels like a present just for you. Believe me, I LOVE sending out mail AND receiving it, especially when it is a surprise. (Did I mention that my "Swap of the Month" is a surprise package each month? You won't know what products you are receiving until they arrive in your mailbox!)

So, I'd LOVE to hear your feedback! What is more important to you:

1. The experience?

2. Keeping things eco-friendly?

No judgement here!

Love the experience? Let me know! Getting a box in your hands is in the works for my subscription service. My thoughts are sending out a box vs mailer depending on the size and need of the products being sent. 

Love to keep things eco-friendly? No worries, if a box is in the future, you know I am going to get the most eco-friendly one on the market!

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