Canva - The One Stop Design Shop for Small Business Owners

I was introduced to Canva through a Small Business Group on Facebook. Many business owners were using it for their logos, business cards, and social media posts. 

There was a free version I started out using and quickly changed over to the paid account. At first it seemed like a big expense for my small (very small) business. (For reference it is about $120/ year for membership). However, the benefits you receive with a paid membership, quickly pay for themselves. 

Once you subscribe, you can create your own Brand Kit. Save your logos, brand colors, and fonts. This may seem like a small feature but let me tell you, clicking back and forth to find my brand colors and fonts was sooo time consuming. 

Another feature I personally use frequently is their printing services. It just makes for a seamless transaction when I can design my printed materials and order them in one spot. I've printed out insert cards, business cards, and thank you cards from Canva.

What I use Canva for the most, designing social media posts. There are so many templates to choose from. It makes it so simple to grab a template, put your own spin on it and schedule it to post to your accounts. Again, a one stop shop that saves me so much time. 

In case you were wondering, no I am not an affiliate for Canva. I am not even sure if they have a program like that. I just genuinely love using Canva and recently signed up for my second year membership with them. If you are a small business I highly recommend going and checking them out for your design needs. 

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