Do you believe in manifestation?

In all honesty I thought this concept was far-fetched but it is something I have been believing more and more lately. The thoughts I allow in my head seem to come true. So why not make them positive ones around the goals I have in mind?

One thing I struggle with is traveling. Whether it's in a car or on a plane, I get really nervous before upcoming trips. I always think we are going to have bad weather or experience delays and almost always this comes true for me. Not that I have been doing much traveling lately, BUT I want to start manifesting smooth travels before I actually travel. 

Now for this manifestation of having a robot do my dishes, may seem a little far-fetched but with how fast technology is developing it may not be that far off!

I had this tea towel design created for all of you to send to your favorite cutting machine (I have a Cricut) and to iron onto a tea towel. Or you can even print this out and hang in your kitchen as a décor piece. 

Dishes are probably my least favorite chore so I will be sending positive vibes out into the universe that someone or some robot will come and magically do them for me!

What is your least favorite chore around the house?

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