To me, Attempting Less means leaving the world in a better place than I found it for my children and eventually, their children.

Attempting Less has also helped me consider my choices and put a thought to how I can make a change that will create less waste. 

Eliminating waste seems like an overwhelming task for one person, but each person doing their part can greatly impact the environment and I plan to do my part by Attempting Less. 

By Amanda C. 


Amanda is a good friend of mine, a mom of two, and a school teacher. I came to her with the task of guest writing a blog post on a very simple prompt..."What does Attempting Less mean to you?"

She hit some key points that resonate with me as well...."leaving the world a better place for my children" and "seems like an overwhelming task".

Going low waste can be overwhelming! I try my best to introduce different lifestyle or product changes gradually throughout my low waste journey. At times, I admit it feels like I am not doing nearly enough. But Amanda puts it well when she says "each person doing their part can greatly impact the environment." 

It's these habits that we ourselves form now that will imprint on our children as they grow up. Amanda has started introducing reusable bowl covers into her kitchen routine! She sent me a picture of the cookies she made with her daughter and the cute reusable bowl cover she used to cover them instead of plastic wrap!

Reusable Bowl Cover used to store homemade cookies sitting on a counter

Amanda thank you SO much for taking the time out to write a guest post for me. Your support of Attempting Less over the years means the world to me!


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