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What does "Attempting Less" Mean to You?
by Guest Writer, Brittany Jones

How To Keep Laundry Under Control

Do you ever feel like you are constantly behind on laundry??

Like everyday you pass by the pile of laundry just sitting there in the corner of your room covering up your favorite chair as it reminds you of how behind you are on your to-do list?

Or maybe you HAVE no laundry spot and your kids just leave clothes all over the floor to be picked up by momma eventually in the middle of “rage cleaning.”

You know what I mean? When you’ve finally had enough that you just get so mad and you start yelling at everyone to stop what they are doing and get in their room right now to clean up! 

Well…what if there was a better way?

What if there was a way you only had to do like 10 minutes of laundry everyday??

Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like something that could only be done if you hired a laundry fairy to follow you and your children around all day??


This is 100% something you can do no matter how busy you are. 

In fact, this is TAILOR MADE for busy moms.

Before I finally got my laundry under control, it was most definitely my Achilles heel of cleaning. 

When my kids were 2 and 4 they used to jump in the pile of laundry to make “snow angels” I get it. Lol

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But all I did was make one simple change so I could STOP doing hours of laundry every weekend trying to catch up only to have a closet full of wrinkly clothes. 

Here’s the secret - you just do ONE LOAD of laundry per day, everyday.

That’s it. 

Right now, if you are buried in laundry you probably don’t feel like that’s possible, maybe you want to click the exit button and laugh at the ridiculousness of that “helpful tip”...but hang with me because I’m about to give you the exact system that my only PAID students get access too.

It’s called the Lazy Laundry Routine…and here’s the exact steps to only doing 8 minutes of laundry per day (I timed it!! lol)

First, you want to start each morning by tossing in yesterday’s dirty clothes. Ideally you’ve got a basket or hamper where your kids can start throwing their dirty things into each night, but hey, use what you’ve got. 

Stop using the floor as a closet alternative and put the dirty clothes into whatever hamper/basket/tub you have available. 

Create that TINY HABIT now. 

Each morning you start that load of laundry! Then, either at lunch time, or right when you get home…toss those clothes into the dryer. That’s TINY HABIT NUMBER 2.

Whenever the clothes are dry, or after dinner time, quickly put away those clothes. 

Either assign that task to the kids, or do it yourself. Either way…put them up before bed time. 

Then, have all the kids (and parents) throw their dirty clothes from the day into that dirty clothes basket/hamper/box again… and repeat. 

All in all this system takes about 5-8 minutes per day TOTAL. Depending on the number of people in your family and if you get help from the kids. 


It really is. 

All it takes is setting up 2-3 TINY HABITS each day and doing them consistently. As consistent as you are with brushing your teeth. 

Seriously, you could EASILY habit stack this with brushing your teeth so you don’t forget. 

NOW, how do you START this system if you have a backlog of laundry??

That too will be an easy fix (again, this information is usually reserved for my clients and students! But you are getting this for free ;) ) 

Here’s what you will do, tomorrow morning when you grab the dirty clothes from today, you will just shove some extra clothes in with it. 

Don’t overfill your washing machine, just add some to it.

Then do laundry as normal, put away tonight when you brush your teeth and go to bed. 

Then that next morning, put tomorrow’s dirty clothes in, shove more dirty clothes in from around the house and keep up the same routine. 

Keep repeating that until you are caught up on all your dirty laundry from around the house and are just down to each day’s load!!!

The key here - consistency. 

Because if you take a few days off from brushing your teeth your breath will be nasty, right?? You wouldn’t do that (I hope!)...the same goes for skipping your one load of laundry each day. 

It’s SOOOO much easier to just spend a few minutes doing the laundry vs. trying to constantly play catch up and have a laundry room full of stinky clothes. 

Because constantly feeling like you are behind is so draining. It drains your energy, your time, your emotions, and it’s a huge stressor on your relationships. 

I want to help set you FREE from the constant clutter and stress that a messy home brings with it. 

I have some more good news for you…I created some more SUPER SIMPLE, TIME SAVING systems just like this for things like your dishes, meals, clutter and everything else around your house that is causing you stress, and driving you crazy. 

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