GUEST WRITER - Pamela Graves

What does "Attempting Less" Mean to You?
By Pamela Graves

A few years ago, my family gathered together to celebrate my daughters birthday. After cake and presents, she stated she had an announcement to make to all of us. That’s when she introduced us to Attempting Less - an online business she had created around the philosophy of using less.

At first I was a bit confused. I wasn’t sure what this meant - what it was about, what it’s purpose was,  or how it was to be used. After all, I’m a brick and mortar type person - how would an online business work?!

You see, Erica has always been a visionary with a creative mind to see other opportunities outside of the current norm. She never was one to follow the herd. She makes her own decisions regardless of what everyone else is doing.  She believes in herself.  “Stubborn” should of been her middle name! LOL!

Well, since introducing us to Attempting Less, Erica’s stubbornness is wearing off on us in a good way! Slowly, our family has come to accept her visions for Attempting Less. Whether it’s about using cloth napkins instead of disposable ones or dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, she has shown us ways to attempt to use less.  It’s about the little changes you make, using less, trying something different. (For example, I awoke at 4 am this morning with thoughts of what I wanted to say and instead of searching in the dark for pen and paper, I simply put my thoughts into my phone! First time! See - attempting less! I didn’t waste that piece of paper!)  That’s what it’s all about!

Her journey with Attempting Less continues to evolve as she incorporates different strategies to get her message out. And she’d be the first to admit that she isn’t perfect with her mission- hence the name Attempting Less. It’s a new mindset she hopes to inspire in others as she has inspired in us. So join the journey with her - take that first step and attempt to use less. Change your mindset to reusable instead of consumable. And don’t worry how long your journey takes towards Attempting Less - it’s all about attempting.  After all, I always say- less is more!

On a personal note, I just want to say how proud I am of my daughter for following her own journey. As a busy stay at home mom to my two beautiful granddaughters, I admire her perseverance and her patience towards achieving the goals she has set for herself and for what’s important to her in her life. I will always continue to be your biggest supporter Erica. Believe in yourself.


Mom (aka Pamela Graves, aka GiGi)

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