How many dryer balls should you use in your dryer?

I'm going to let you in on a little doesn't matter! Just so long as you are ditching those dryer sheets, the amount of dryer balls really doesn't matter. 

Really it is just a matter of preference OR if you're like me, how ever many dryer balls I find at the time of doing laundry. (I'll usually go on a hunt once a week to look under my couch or in my kids' playroom). 

Yes if you use more, it is said that it helps airflow throughout the laundry load and can reduce drying time. Also, dryer balls will absorb some moisture, so again, the more you use, the more moisture will be absorbed and the less time it will take to dry. 

There are SO MANY dryer balls on the market and in all different quantities. Some companies will sell in quantities of 4 and then market them to try and get you to purchase more. i.e. Use 4 for a small load and 6 for a larger load - thus trying to get you to buy two sets. 

That's when I decided I wanted to let YOU pick how many dryer balls were right for you. 6 seem like a lot to keep track of? Then just buy 3. Your kids and/or dog played with your dryer balls and lost them? Grab a replacement of just one dryer ball. 

It's really up to you! 

The biggest take-away is that you are no longer using dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are single-use and contain a lot of chemicals and added fragrance. Dryer balls are all-natural (made solely of wool!) and can be reused up to 1,000 loads. 

So use as many dryer balls as you wish or use nothing at all! Just do yourself and the planet a favor and stop buying dryer sheets!



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