How to combat static in your laundry

Static seems to be always present in your dried laundry but it seems especially present during the cold winter months. 

I'm no scientist so I have no idea why this is a thing but winter time brings the static to our household! 

I DO know a trick to help reduce the static in your laundry if you've made the switch to wool dryer balls and ditched the chemical-filled dryer sheets.

Grab your spray bottle filled with water. Spritz a couple sprays on each dryer ball before throwing them in your dryer. That's it! A simple trick to help reduce that static cling. 

Be sure not to soak your dryer balls in water as it can damage them. Just a couple sprays will do. 

You can still use your favorite essential oils before or after spraying with water as well. 

Have any additional tricks to share? Be sure to leave me your tips in the comments!

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