IKEA cart turned Shipping Station

This IKEA cart has made its rounds. It started as a beverage cart in my apartment in the city, got locked away in storage during our home renovation, became an art station for my toddler, and finally made its home as my cute little shipping station for Attempting Less. 

It's where I house all of my bubble mailers, stickers, inserts, thank you cards, and packing material. It rolls in and out of my shop (aka closet in our home office) as needed during shipping days. 

Right now I ship all of my orders in bubble mailers from EcoEnclose. These mailers are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Made of recycled material
  • Can be recycled
  • Can be reused! 

The reusable part may be my favorite. Whenever I found out that they have two adhesive strips, I was sold! 

I LOVE (all caps are necessary) to send out mail and packages. I do hate having to run to the store to buy shipping materials. Often I'll save boxes until my husband says the garage is full and we need to recycle some! Mailers hold a smaller footprint so I'm able to keep more of these on hand : )

This trusty cart has seen a variety of uses. I hope one day it finds another new use as my dreams for shipping supplies will outgrow this cute three-tiered cart. For now I am happy with it's organizational functionality and may even spin it around as I am doing my happy dance getting orders packed and shipped out!




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