It's the little details that count

Recently I launched my second Attempting Less branded product. I took this idea I had and turned it into my very own product. 

It involved researching suppliers, designing my own packaging, and pricing it all correctly to turn a profit. This may be my favorite part of the process of running my own shop. I love searching for the best products to bring to Attempting Less. 

However, there are many finer details that go into bringing a product to life that have to be accounted for. One of those finer details I let slip. When designing my Care Card I was sizing it to be ascetically pleasing and totally forgot that it actually has to fit inside my packaging.

Face palm moment when I went to package up my dryer balls and the insert card didn't fit! Thankfully my printing service prints and ships quick. I was able to order the size I needed with just a little hiccup on my end. 

Silver lining, it actually made the price per card cheaper! Moral of the story, measure twice and design once.

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