July "Swap of the Month" Unboxing

The FIRST OFFICIAL "Swap of the Month" for Attempting Less! I was beyond excited to package these up and drop them off at the post office. I even took a selfie on my way out the door : )


Curious what subscribers received? Well you're in the right spot because I am about to do a blog unboxing for you!

All swaps were sent in an EcoEnclose bubble mailer. This mailer is made out or recycled material, can be recycled, and my favorite part...can be reused!

For every swap sold, I also planted a tree! With this month's swaps purchased, I was able to surpass the 100 tree mark planted with OneTreePlanted!!

But what is this QR code thing and where is all the fancy pamphlets and packing material?

NO NO NO! I will not add rainbows and butterflies to my packages - we are trying to reduce waste here remember!? Scan the QR code to get all the info you need! BUT do me a favor and don't throw it away PLEASE - you can plant it instead : ). 

Okay, okay so what's inside you ask? 

1. LastSwab - Beauty
2. LastSwab - Basic
3. 1 package of bamboo cotton earbuds

So what's so special about these products?

LastSwabs can be washed and reused! They lower your waste by eliminating single use, disposable ear buds.

The package of bamboo cotton swabs replace traditional ear buds that are often made out of and packaged in plastic. 

So Erica, why did you give us both reusable and disposable swabs?

Hellooooo, ATTEMPTING LESS over here! I want you to discover products that work for your lifestyle and your routine all the while helping the environment. Not every eco-friendly product is going to work for everyone. 

I'll be the first to admit that the basic LastSwab has been a bit of a challenge for me to work into my routine. But the bamboo cotton swabs were such an easy switch that I have no problem using these from here on out! The LastSwab beauty is also something I can wrap my head around using in my make-up routine. That's if I ever get around to putting make-up on again - SAHM life over here. 

Sad you missed out on this box? No worries! Grab it here. I will warn you...

-Limited quantities are left for sale

-One time purchases are $34.99 and do not include shipping costs

Want to save $5 AND get FREE SHIPPING? Subscribe now!!


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