My daughter dubbed this snack: "Rollie Balls"

This snack/dessert has become a family favorite in our household. BONUS that it's a "healthier" sweet treat than say a candy bar. I feel good eating these instead of sneaking some M&M's and love that my daughter eats them and thinks they are a dessert. 

She LOVES to help me make these and I love seeing her learn about ingredients and recipes along the way. 

(MOM TIP: purchase a toddler tower/step ladder/stool and find a permanent place for it in your kitchen. It would bug me so bad when I was cooking dinner and I had my little one at my feet. Now she knows she can climb up her tower and watch or help as I make dinner. This tower allows her to help with this snack recipe as well!)

This recipe uses ingredients you probably already have in your pantry at home. Don't have some or don't like some of them? Swap them out for what you have or what you like. You really can't go wrong with this one! We've experimented swapping out a few different ingredients to see what we like.

Suggestion: The flax seed in this recipe is ground flax seed meal. It's more of a powder consistency than a seed. It hides easily in the balls and is tasteless (at least to me!) We add this in to help with our digestion in this house. But this is a great recipe to hide some nutritional benefits in there without your little ones batting an eyelash!

Why we love these "Rollie Balls": They are quick and easy to make and store great in the fridge for a few days (if they last that long!). Once rolled, I throw them in a bowl with one of our Reusable Bowl Covers.

Ready for a "healthier" snack? Download this recipe today and get mixing!

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