My Love/Hate Relationship with Subscription Boxes

Subscription Box Services are EVERYWHERE for EVERYTHING. 

Being an eco-conscious person, I always thought of subscription boxes to be wasteful. Sending you multiple mystery products that you may or may not need, that you may or may not use. I would always say - "I hate like subscription boxes!"

Then when I really stopped to think about my own shopping habits, I realized...I subscribe to MULTIPLE subscription boxes. Thinking I was a hypocrite, I stopped to think about the different types of subscription boxes out there. I came to the conclusion I don't hate all subscription boxes, I LOVE the ones that save me time and money.

I currently subscribe to companies that send me monthly, quarterly, and on demand products that I know I will use. They send me products as I run out of the ones I currently toothbrush heads, razors, and CO2 cartridges for my soda water machine. 

These services save me the frustration of running out of these products and having to run to the store to purchase more. They often save me money as well as they offer discounts for subscribing. 

Many, if not all, of the subscriptions I purchase are from companies that ship me products that are environmentally friendly.

So as I contemplated my next journey with Attempting Less, I struggled with how to present this next venture. As it will always be a work in progress, I am happy with the path that I am taking...a Subscription Box Service with Attempting Less!

Follow along my journey as I get ready to Launch the first box! Coming Summer 2021. 

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