My Stand Mixer's New Best Friend

I'll be honest, when I first bought my stand mixer I thought I would be whipping up made-from-scratch bread, pasta, and pastries on the daily. 

I somehow thought I would have the time or energy to do this. It's been four years since this mixer came into my life and I can say I definitely have gotten my money's worth out of this machine. However, I am not using it as often as my Betty Crocker pipe dreams led me to believe. 

It's pretty to look at on my countertop but when I actually get around to using it, I have to clean it BEFORE I even use it. The weeks (or more often than not, months) that I leave it sitting unused, it will collect dust and/or crumbs from my kitchen. 

Many times this deters me from even using it because who wants to clean something before AND after using it?

THEN, I came across these reusable bowl covers. I have had them in my shop now for a few months and of course think to use them for bowls (duh, it's in the name!). 

Some of my customers have reached out to me to show me all the uses they have come up with for these covers and the one that turned on the lightbulb for me was for my stand mixer!

Not only is it saving me from washing it more than I need to, it adds a stylish piece to my kitchen!

The Medium Size Bowl Cover fits my stand mixers bowl perfectly. Grab yours here

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