Mystery Boxes Now Available!

Attempting Less has meant so many things to me and as a business has morphed over the years. Since opening in 2020, we've went from offering low waste products to now offering Mystery Boxes. 

What are Mystery Boxes? Currently we are offering Women's Clothing Mystery Boxes in a variety of sizes. Once purchased, you will receive 7-10 clothing items of the size you selected. 

As I started thrifting and shopping liquidation sales, I was in amazement on how much I could save by shopping at these stores versus new. My friends and family started noticing too! They would often ask me "oh that looks new, where did you get it?"

They didn't realize I was about to talk their ear off! I love saving money and I love living a low waste lifestyle. Clothes were a perfect marriage of the two!

I loved sharing my thrift hauls and how little I spent at the liquidation stores. My friends and family wanted to join in on the savings too, however one of two things came up:

1. They didn't have thrift or liquidation stores in their area


2. Sifting through racks and racks of clothing just wasn't for them 

That's where my Mystery Boxes come in! I do the hunting for you. It's like gifting you your shopping time back while saving you money on clothes you would have otherwise bought new. If you ask me, that's a win-win. 

The prize of these boxes can't be beat! 7-10 items for just $125 AND free shipping. (For those of you who are terrible at math like me, that's just $12.50-$17.85 per item. Plus don't forget you don't have to pay shipping either. AND you don't have to spend your time sorting through racks of clothes.)

Okay, okay enough hyping the boxes up. I think they pretty much speak for themselves. BUT if you have any questions about them, please feel free to email me at My name is Erica and I will personally respond. 

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