I've always loved the simplicity of my logo. It speaks to my love of minimalism, straight to the point of using less with the symbol in the middle, and embodying my color scheme. 

As time evolved, so did my direction of the business. I started this business with ZERO knowledge on how to run one, what direction I wanted to go in, or how to manage one on my own while raising a family. 

Directions and priorities have changed and will continue to change. My life outside of my business has quickly intertwined with my business and I wanted to embrace it.

I am a Mom.

A stay-at-home mom, one who once worked outside of the home. 

Started this business as a Mom of one and just recently welcomed her second child. 

A transplant to Philly who is making it her permanent home. 

Found her love of living with less but is also realistic in the pursuit to a low waste lifestyle.

This new logo embodies all of my past and brings me to my present. In life, in business, and in Mom-ing. 

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