Official Launch Day of the "Swap of the Month"

Today marks the official launch day of the "Swap of the Month" Subscription service with Attempting Less! It has been in the works for quite some time now and I am excited to see it come to life.

So what is a "swap of the month"? Each month, 1-3 eco-friendly items will be delivered to your door. They will all be centered around a theme but the actual items will be kept a secret until you open up the package!

Your items will come in eco-friendly shipping containers in the smallest size possible. That means you could receive a bubble mailer, a box, or a reused shipping container.

Inside the package will be your items along with one post-card sized piece of Wildflower Paper (YES - you can plant this once you are done with it!) On this paper will be a QR code you can scan to get all the information about the products in your package, how to use them, and what environmental impact you are having by using this product. 

No tissue paper, no confetti, no unnecessary wrapping of any kind - it's a waste and we are staying away from it!

So why only 1-3 items each month? 

I started my low waste journey a few years back and will continue to be on that journey for life! At first I was overwhelmed with all the ways I could reduce my waste and almost wanted to give up before I started. Not only that, it's initially EXPENSIVE to move towards a low waste lifestyle. Am I really going to invest in all of these products not knowing if they were going to be right for my lifestyle?

This is when I decided that 1-3 items would be the best route for this subscription service. Take your time each month to get a feel for the items and see if they are swaps you can slowly incorporate into your daily routine. 

I'll do the leg work for you and find these new and creative solutions to reduce our waste footprint. You sit back and wait for those mystery items to arrive on your doorstep each month!

Ready to Join the Journey with us to a low waste lifestyle? Subscribe to the "Swap of the Month" today!


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