One Year in the Books

July 14th, 2020 I officially filed for my business license and incorporated, Attempting Less, LLC.

One year ago, I can remember sitting in my kitchen with my husband getting ready to hit the submit button. It was a couple months after being laid off due to COVID and moving into our new house. He was so supportive of my decision and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and go for it!

I was SO hesitant to start. Scared I didn't know what I was doing and nervous I would fail. (Those feelings still follow me today!). As I look back at the year, I still have some mixed emotions. Always wishing I was a little farther along as I had planned, but happily overwhelmed knowing how much I have learned by creating this business. 

I try to count all those small wins and even keep a timeline of events to look back on everything I have accomplished so far. 

It wasn't until November of 2020 that I finally decided to tell my friends and family about the business I had started. The self-doubt inside of me, kept me from sharing such a big part of my life. Gratefully to my surprise, I was welcomed with such support and encouragement - and LOTS of questions. I happily answered them all and reveled in their excitement. 

My support system has grown tremendously over this past year with the support of not only my friends and family but also to my customers.

THANK YOU! To all my posts that you share, all my emails you respond to, and reviews you leave me. These are the things that inspire me to keep going each week!


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