Replacement Dryer Balls - For when you need just one

I've come to learn that the amount of dryer balls you use in your dryer is all a matter of preference. 

You can use a smaller amount for smaller loads and a larger amount of dryer balls for your larger loads.

Or if you are like me, you use how ever many you can find in your laundry room at the time! Usually, I try to use about four dryer balls per load.

In my house, I do a weekly search for dryer balls. My first culprit is under the couch. I typically bring my clean laundry to the couch and fold there which inevitably means dryer balls are going to end up under said couch. 

I've been using dryer balls for a little over two years now and have tried different brands out, and of course starting selling my own. That means I have a mix of dryer balls in my collection. I just add to it when I need to. 

That's where my Replacement Dryer Balls come into play. When you just need one to complete your set!

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