September's FOMO

Below is all the information "Swap of the Month" members are sent each month describing the swaps they got, what they are replacing, how to use them, and how they are helping the environment.
There's a couple extra things I left out of what I actually send to my members because, well, you have to be a member to find out what they are!
This month the value of the swap is $34 BUT members received it for their subscription price of $29.99 PLUS they received FREE Shipping. 
I also changed up HOW you can become a "Swap of the Month" member. Current members are GUARENTEED a package each month. Then, I will release a limited number of spots for new members. 
Want to get on the top of the list for next month? Email me ( before you get bumped to the bottom of the list!
What's inside September’s "Swap of the Month"?
from Bamboo Switch
2. Bamboo Drinkware Brush 
from Bamboo Switch
from No Tox Life
from No Tox Life
5. Wildflower Seed Paper QR Code
1. Bamboo Pot Scrubber 
This pot scrubber has firm bristles to effortlessly get those stuck on foods. This brush is completely compostable at the end of life. 

2. Bamboo Drinkware Brush 
Sick of jamming your hand as far as it goes into your water bottles and thinking "ehh clean enough"? Use your new Bamboo Drinkware Brush and get to all the nooks and crannies. 
3. Dish Block Soap
Eliminate plastic from your kitchen routine with this soap! Not only do can you use it in your kitchen, it's been known to help fight laundry stains as well! I can't wait to hear about all the uses you find for this soap. 
4. Soap Shelf 
I couldn't let your soap block get soggy so I just HAD TO add this fourth item to the swap this month. Keep your soap block dry and stylish on your counter top with this bamboo soap shelf. 
5. Wildflower Seed Paper QR Code
Every month I send a QR code printed on Wildflower Seed Paper (so you can plant it rather than throw it away!) with all the info you see here on this blog post. 
What are this month’s Swaps replacing?
MOM TIP: The scrubbers and soap shelf are made of bamboo and are replacing traditional plastic ones. Since they are made of bamboo, you can compost them! 
PRO-MOM TIP: Be sure to hit the subscribe button on some of these swaps to check one thing off your to-do list and have one less thing to go out shopping for. I'll ship right to your door so you can stay in your PJs while you wash your dishes. 
How did you help the environment?
  • Eliminated plastic in your dish washing routine! No more liquid dish soap in plastic containers OR plastic sponges and scrub brushes 
  • Your product was sent in a recycled, recyclable, and reusable mailer
  • Planted a tree (every order with Attempting Less plants one tree!)
  • Eliminated unnecessary paper inserts by scanning your QR code
  • Plant Wildflowers with your QR code!

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