Tell me you're a small business without telling me you're a small business

When you can't afford custom printed packing and you order a stamp to hand stamp them yourself. That's exactly what I did! I ordered 500 packages online along with a custom stamp of my newest logo.

You'll find me stamping away after the kids have gone to bed. I actually like the crafty/homemade feel of the package. To me it feels like you are ordering from a person and not just a company. Because you are - it's from me (Erica)!

This will be my second Attempting Less branded product and I can not wait to launch it! There is such a sense of pride around this product. I have personally been using it for a couple years now and not only has it eliminated a single-use product in my home, it also has gotten rid of so many toxins as well. With the addition of our second child, I feel good knowing I am using this all natural product.

Have I spiked your curiosity? Make sure you get on this list to find out what it is!

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