The One Stop Shop Cleaning System

For the past three years I have been using 1 all-purpose cleaner to clean just about everything in my house and out! Take a look at the list (I'm sure I'll think of more after I post this blog article):

  • Countertop cleaner (kitchen and bathroom)
  • Washing Machine disinfectant and deodorizer
  • Disinfectant to my toddlers toys
  • Makeup brush cleaner
  • Deodorizer for my family's shoes
  • Deodorizer for my trash cans - indoor and outdoor ones! (When my daughter was in diapers this came in handy to put that diaper pale smell at bale!)

The list could go on and one of the things I love about this company is they love to give tips and tricks on all the different and new ways to use this solution.

Okay, okay so you're wondering what is this MAGIC CLEANING SYSTEM!? It's called Force of Nature! When you purchase a starter kit you receive the device to make your solution, a spray bottle, and activator capsules. 

The cleaning solution is kid-safe and pet-safe because it only uses three ingredients...salt, water, and vinegar. YUP you read that right! Those three safe ingredients are all that are used in this solution. 

You fill up your device with water and empty the activator capsule into the water and turn it on to watch the magic happen. Minutes later the green light tells you it's done and ready to transfer to your spray bottle. 

It is so easy to make and use. Another big PLUS for me is that these activator capsules are so small and replace the need to keep purchasing large plastic bottles of cleaning solution. You can subscribe to have them sent right to your door too, so no running out to the store when you run out. 

I typically have 25 capsules delivered to me every 6 months. That's just about 1 capsule a week I use (because I use it for everything!)

Make sure you are following Attempting Less on Instagram! I love to show the different ways I use Force of Nature and have done a couple of giveaways of their Starter Kits - you could win one for FREE!

Ready to purchase a Starter Kit of your own? Head on over to Force of Nature Today! (This link is an affiliate link. It does not cost anything extra when you click on this link and you can support Attempting Less with every purchase! A portion of your purchase will go back to Attempting Less. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for different codes each month for discounts on their Starter Kits!)

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