The snack you can find at every Philadelphia party

Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to Philadelphia after graduating college. I moved with my then boyfriend (now husband!). 

I started noticing some differences from my hometown:

  1. Accents (You will never catch me saying "Wooder")
  2. Everybody knows everybody (Even though it's a huge city)
  3. The Food (The one snack that I found at every party - soft pretzels)

Not only did I find them at parties, I often saw them on people's counters during the middle of the week. They seemed to be a staple in the Philadelphia home. My husband thought nothing of it when I brought it up to him but to me I just couldn't find a comparison to my hometown in MA. 

It's not like New England Clam Chowder would be sitting on my countertop on a Tuesday. Or the first thing I would think to bring to a party. 

Quickly I fell in love with this snack myself (personally loving the chocolate dip you can get it with). The one thing I couldn't get over was how fast they went stale! By the end of a get-together they would be hard as rocks. Of course in my head I was saying "What a waste."

So when my Mother-In-Law opened her August "Swap of the Month" she immediately sent me pictures of all the uses she found for our newest item, Reusable Bowl Covers. She RAVED about how they fit perfectly over her soft pretzel bucket AND kept them fresh for about two days after she bought them. No more pretzels getting wasted in the trash! 

When I first saw these bowl covers I just knew I had to have them in my shop. I was personally looking for a way to get rid of my plastic wrap in my home. I figured I would use them for leftovers. Hearing the ways that my customers are using theirs makes me SO happy to see that they are getting used in so many different ways.

What way will you use yours?



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