about me


"Yea, but you still use toilet paper"

A comment I received after one of my house guests learned I do not use paper napkins in my home, rather cloth napkins. His comment (made all in good fun!) was one I became all too familiar with as I told friends and family about different eco-friendly swaps I had made in my home and to my lifestyle. 

This is where "Attempting Less" came from. The idea that every small eco-friendly change we make in our lives, creates a ripple affect. I'm attempting to life a low waste lifestyle, I'm not perfect!

Join me on this imperfect journey. We are not going to turn into zero-wasters over night. We are in this together and if each of us take one small step together, what a huge impact that will be!


Attempting Less is the place to find eco-friendly swaps you can make as you start or continue your journey to a low waste lifestyle. Browse my shop to find swaps you can make in all areas of your daily routine or subscribe to my "Swap of the Month" and have new eco-friendly swaps delivered to your door each month. 


My name is Erica and I am the owner of Attempting Less. Philly, PA is where I call home. I am lucky to call my college sweetheart, my husband and we have a beautiful two year old daughter together, with another bundle of joy arriving in November! 

I created this shop to share my passion of living a low waste lifestyle. Follow along as I share my journey, discover new eco-friendly products, and share the funny comments I receive along the way : )