about me


"Yea, but you still use toilet paper"

A comment I received after one of my house guests learned I do not use paper napkins in my home, rather cloth napkins. His comment (made all in good fun!) was one I became all too familiar with as I told friends and family about different eco-friendly swaps I had made in my home and to my lifestyle. 

This is where "Attempting Less" came from. The idea that every small eco-friendly change we make in our lives, creates a ripple affect. I'm attempting to life a low waste lifestyle, I'm not perfect!

Join me on this imperfect journey. We are not going to turn into zero-wasters over night. We are in this together and if each of us take one small step together, what a huge impact that will be!

Attempting Less is the place to find eco-friendly swaps you can make as you start or continue your journey to a low waste lifestyle. Browse my shop to find swaps you can make in all areas of your daily routine. 


My name is Erica and I am the owner of Attempting Less. Philly, PA is where I call home. I am lucky to call my college sweetheart, my husband and we have TWO beautiful daughters together. 

I created this shop to share my passion of living a low waste lifestyle. Follow along as I share my journey, discover new eco-friendly products, and share the funny comments I receive along the way : )